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Jonathan Hu

Jonathan Hu Senior Member of the Technical Staff

Page Contact
Jonathan Hu
1-925-294-2234 (fax)

Mailing Address
Sandia National Labs
P.O. Box 969, Mailstop 9159
Livermore, CA 94551-0969

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Jonathan Hu: Publications

J. Gaiadamour, J. Hu, C. Siefert, R. Tuminaro, Design Considerations for a Flexible Multigrid Preconditioning Library, submitted. Sandia R&A #2011-3695 J.

M. Brezina, J. Hu, R. Tuminaro, Parallel Algebraic Multigrid. In Encyclopedia of Parallel Computing, D. Padua (editor), 2011. Sandia R&A #2010-1965 P.

J. Hu, C. Siefert, I. Karlin, R. Tuminaro, S. Domino and A. Robinson. Highly Scalable Linear Solvers on Thousands of Processors. Sandia Technical Report SAND2009-6197, Sandia National Laboratories, September 2009.

M. Gee, J. Hu, R. Tuminaro, A new smoothed aggregation multigrid method for anisotropic problems. Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications. 16/1 (2009), pp. 19-37. Sandia R&A #2007-5061J. [doi link]

P. Bochev, J. Hu, C. Siefert, and R. Tuminaro, An algebraic multigrid approach based on a compatible gauge reformulation of Maxwell's equations . SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 31/1 (2008), pp. 557-583. Sandia R&A #2007-1633. [doi link]

E. Chow, R.D. Falgout, J. Hu, R.S. Tuminaro, U.M. Yang, A Survey of Parallelization Techniques for Multigrid Solvers. In Parallel Processing For Scientific Computing, M. Heroux, P. Raghavan, and H. Simon (eds.), 2006. Sandia R&A #2004-4031 P.

J.J. Hu, R.S. Tuminaro, P. Bochev, C. Garasi, and A. Robinson. Toward an h-independent algebraic multigrid method for solving Maxwell's equations. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 27/5 (2006), pp. 1669-1688. Sandia R&A #2004-2134 J. [doi link]

C. Douglas, J. Hu, J. Ray, D. Thorne and R. Tuminaro. Cache Aware Multigrid for Variable Coefficient Elliptic Problems on Adaptive Mesh Refinement Hierarchies. Numer. Linear Algebra Appl. 11, pp. 173-187 (2004). Sandia R&A #2004-1303 J [doi link]

P. Bochev, C. Garasi, J. Hu, A. Robinson, and R. Tuminaro. An improved algebraic multigrid method for solving Maxwell's equations. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 25 (2003), pp. 623-642. Sandia R&A #2002-8222J. [doi link]

M. Adams, M. Brezina, J. Hu, and R. Tuminaro. Parallel multigrid smoothing: polynomial versus Gauss-Seidel. Journal of Computational Physics 188/2 (2003), pp. 593-610. Sandia R&A #2002-8520J. [doi link]

P. Bochev, J. Hu, A. Robinson, and R. Tuminaro. Towards robust 3D Z-pinch simulations: discretization and fast solvers for magnetic diffusion in heterogeneous conductors. Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis, 15 (2003), pp. 186-210. Sandia R&A #2001-8363J. [journal link]

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