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Bruce Hendrickson

My research interests include scientific computing, parallel algorithms and combinatorics. Much of my work has been in Combinatorial Scientific Computing - the development, analysis and application of discrete algorithms for applications in scientific computing. Some of my recent (and not so recent) projects include the interplay between graph algorithms and computer architectures, support theory - an algebraic approach to analyzing preconditioners, the Chaco graph partitioning tool and the related Zoltan dynamic load balancer, and a range of algorithmic activities in scientific and high performance computing.

Current and Recent Projects

  • Graph algorithms on non-traditional architectures
  • Support theory for preconditioning
  • Graph partitioning and load balancing
  • Parallel scientific computing
  • Parallel linear algebra
  • Sparse matrix reorderings
  • Graph rigidity and molecular conformation
  • Spectral graph algorithms

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