Working with Sandia

Accounts Payable

Please submit invoices to the following address unless otherwise specified in your contract.

Sandia National Laboratories
Accounts Payable MS 1385
PO Box 5800
Albuquerque, NM 87185

Payment will be made on the basis of an original invoice, which must contain the following information:

  • Supplier name as stated in the contract
  • Remittance address
  • Purchase order number (Document number) (Do not hand-write Purchase Order number on invoice)
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Total invoice amount should be included on the front page of the invoice (Do not include cumulative amount)
  • Description, price and quantity of property or services actually delivered or rendered (as stated in the contract)
  • Payment terms
  • Shipping terms and required documentation (see freight bill information below)
  • Other substantiating documentation as required by the contract. Examples: timesheet, approval signature, other authorization for delivery of property or services


  • Statements reflecting outstanding invoices will be returned to the supplier.
  • To view status of your invoices online, please contact the Help Desk and request a password. Your password will be sent to you via email along with a link to view your invoices.
  • The remit-to address should be easily identifiable.
  • Separate the contract number from the address lines on the invoice.
  • Invoice numbers should be unique.
  • Do not attach to an invoice for another contract.
  • Original timesheets or other supporting documentation should be attached to the original invoice.
  • Original invoices must not be released to individual Sandia employees picking up an order, but should be mailed to the address noted. Accounts Payable cannot guarantee receipt of the invoice unless it is mailed to the specified address.
  • For invoicing or payment questions contact:

Payment terms

Sandia's policy is that calculation of the payment date starts from the date Accounts Payable receives the invoice, not the date of the invoice:

  • Standard Sandia payment terms are net 30, unless otherwise negotiated, but in all cases terms begin when the invoice is received, per the standard contract language.
  • Accounts Payable does not have the authority to negotiate payment terms. If an additional discount is offered that is beneficial to Sandia, payment may be made early to take advantage of the discount.
  • Standard procedures involve mailing checks. It is not standard procedure to have checks picked up or delivered in any other way.
  • To keep payment processing costs as low as possible, Sandia prefers to pay vendors by electronic funds transfer. Please provide your banking information by submitting the Electronic Funds Transfer authorization form (PDF).
  • Electronic payments are much cheaper than paper checks and typically suppliers receive payment two to five days sooner.
  • Sandia requires a W-9 form to substantiate taxpayer reporting name and tax identification numbers (TINs) prior to opening supplier accounts for contracting. We match TINs through an online IRS system to validate the information. Accuracy and efficiency in the management and expenditure of federal funds is paramount.
  • Completed Electronic Funds Transfer authorization and W-9 forms can be faxed to (505) 284-4798 or emailed to
  • Foreign suppliers should submit IRS W-8 in order to claim tax treaty benefits for eligible payments and to assist with OFAC compliance.

Non-Taxable Transaction Certificates

Sandia is permitted by the state to issue Non-Taxable Transaction Certificates (NTTCs) to our vendors for most of our purchase transactions. However, listed below are exceptions that prevent Sandia from being able to issue a NTTC:

  • Property that is not “Tangible Personal Property” — Licenses (e.g., use of software), franchises, patents, trademarks, and copyrights
  • Operating leases and rentals (real property or other)
  • Services not for resale (For example, meals consumed by Sandians, classes taken/consumed by Sandians, hotels)
  • Federal Excise taxes (unless for use outside the U.S.)

For questions, please contact

Offsetting and how debit balances are handled

From time to time suppliers may owe Sandia money. In this case we expect immediate repayment due to collections requirements from DOE. The most convenient method of repayment is via offset, whereby we reduce outbound payments to satisfy debts. In the event no open contracts exist with which to offset, checks or Electronic Funds Transfer payments can be mailed to Payables. Failure to remit amounts owed in a timely fashion will result in account closure.

Freight bills

Per GSA requirements, Sandia is required to report and provide supporting documentation for all freight charges of $50 or more. To help us comply with this regulation and to facilitate payment of your freight expenses, please submit a freight bill with your invoice on any freight charges of $50 or more.

Freight carriers or suppliers who are contacting a carrier for shipment to Sandia should reference a project/task number on any freight bills submitted for payment.