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2003: Arsenic in Water Technology
On October 21, 2003, approximately 60 people attended a standing-room only session on technology demonstration programs designed to develop and verify cost effective methods to remove arsenic from drinking water sources. Program descriptions were given by managers from each of the member organizations of Arsenic Water Technology Partnership and by the manager of the US EPA Arsenic Treatment Technology Research Demonstration Program. These overviews were followed by technical presentations describing arsenic treatment processes, criteria for design of pilot tests and the characterization of residuals from arsenic removal technologies.

2004: Arsenic in Drinking Water- Countdown to Compliance
The session on October 19, 2004 dealt with the status of efforts in New Mexico and other parts of the country to comply with the new MCL for arsenic by the regulatory deadline of January 23, 2006. Invited papers described results of recent epidemiological studies in the United States, occurrence of arsenic on the Navajo Nation, New Mexico regulatory implementation plans, pilot scale studies of innovative technologies by the AWTP and consulting firms, and research by universities, national laboratories and private companies to develop and verify new approaches to arsenic removal.

2005: Meeting the New Drinking Water Standard for Arsenic
The session on November 2, 2005 included invited papers describing results of the Arsenic Water Technology Partnership, including bench-scale studies, pilot scale studies of innovative technologies, and economic analysis of the costs of different treatment technologies. Other talks described research by universities, national laboratories and federal agencies to develop new approaches to water treatment for arsenic and co-contaminants such as uranium, nitrate and radium.

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