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Arsenic Treatment Technology Vendors Forums were held at the 2003, 2004 and 2005 New Mexico Environmental Health Conferences. The Forums were comprised of two parts: at the first session, open to all conference attendees, commercial developers of innovative treatment technologies gave 15 minute talks that described project histories demonstrating the effectiveness of their products. During the second part, these same technologies were evaluated in closed sessions by independent technical experts for possible use in pilot-scale field demonstrations being conducted by Sandia National Laboratories.

Structure of Vendors Forums
Summary of Results

Tables of Results

Appendix 1. Vendor Evaluation Sheet 2004
Appendix 2. Product Summaries 2003 Forum
Appendix 3. Product Summaries 2004 Forum
Appendix 4. Product Summaries 2005 Forum

Forum Websites
2003 Vendors Forum website
2004 Vendors Forum website
2005 Vendors Forum website

Arsenic Treatment Technology Vendors Forums Summary Report [pdf 220kb]

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