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The decrease of the drinking water standard (MCL) for arsenic from 50 µ/L to 10 µ/L in January 2006 could lead to significant increases in the cost of water for many rural systems throughout the United States. The Arsenic Water Technology Partnership (AWTP), a collaborative effort of Sandia National Laboratories, the Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF) and WERC: A Consortium for Environmental Education and Technology Development was formed to address this problem by developing and testing novel treatment technologies that could potentially reduce the costs of arsenic treatment. Each of the Partners develops or evaluates new technologies in their respective programs: AwwaRF manages a bench-scale research program through a series of competitive grants; WERC hosts an annual contest in which university students compete to provide the best solution to a design challenge involving arsenic treatment; Sandia National Labs has sponsored educational Short Courses on arsenic removal technology and evaluated cutting-edge commercial products in three annual Vendors Forums held during the annual New Mexico Environmental Health Conferences (NMEHC) in 2003, 2004 and 2005. The most promising of the technologies from these three programs are pilot tested at several field sites in collaboration with local water utilities.

This website describes the efforts of Sandia National Laboratories to evaluate commercial technologies for the pilot test program from 2003 to 2006. The educational Short Courses held at the NMEHC included invited talks on aspects of arsenic occurrence, health effects and treatment technologies. The Vendors Forums were designed to allow vendors of commercial technologies to present product descriptions to the conference participants and to allow objective evaluation by technical experts. During a closed session, the technologies were reviewed by teams of recognized experts in water treatment and related fields and were assigned numerical scores based on expected performance and costs. Table 1 lists all the companies that participated in the Forums, identifies their products and provides electronic links to points of contacts or company websites. Table 2 describes the rankings of technologies for each of the 3 Vendors Forums and identifies those being pilot tested at the field scale by Sandia National Laboratories.

Other technologies were evaluated through other methods such as by independent review of product performance and cost by Sandia staff, technical review by the Technical Advisory Committee and the Partnership Management Committee of the AWTP. Several of these technologies were chosen for pilot scale demonstrations; Table 3 provides descriptions of these products. A list of the technologies being tested at each of the 5 pilot sites is given in Table 4.

All of the technologies that were reviewed are described in this website. Treatment methods are categorized as adsorptive media, coagulation/filtration/membranes or other technologies. An alphabetical index to all technologies is also provided. Other information about the technologies and related topics can be found in two summary reports and the websites for each of the Short Courses and Vendors Forums, which include links to the presentations given at these events.

Treatment Methods

Summary Reports
  • Development and Evaluation of Innovative Arsenic Adsorption Technologies for Drinking Water by the Arsenic Water Technology Partnership, SAND2006-0113C [pdf 248kb], National Groundwater Association Meeting on Naturally Occurring Contaminants, Albuquerque, NM, February 6, 2006
  • Malcolm Siegel, Paul McConnell, Randy Everett, Carolyn Kirby 2006. Arsenic Treatment Technology Vendors Forums Summary Report [pdf 220kb]
    SAND2006-5423, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.

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  • Arsenic Treatment Technology Short Courses
  • Arsenic Treatment Technology Vendors Forums
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