Desalination and Water Purification

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“Technologies that rely on boiling or freezing water and then capturing the purified water while the contaminants remain behind.”

Research and Development


Thermal Technologies

Advanced Vapor Compression
This technology for desalination has its roots in a NASA Mission to Mars project for human waste treatment. It takes advantage of very high heat transfer using mechanically spinning heat exchange surfaces. This proprietary technology is a product of Innovative Technologies.

Desalination by Clathrate Crystallization

This Sandia program employs a unique process for clathrate formation and separation, and extensive modeling of hydrate structure and growth. The aim is to improve the thermal efficiency and separation process to make this approach economically competitive with other desalination processes. Currently, a continuously operated reactor is being built to evaluate the efficiency of salt / ice separations that generally plague desalination techniques based on ice formation.

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