Desalination and Water Purification

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The CroSSlinks program links the science community with schools to improve science education for Albuquerque students. The program continues Sandia's commitment to the effective utilization of inquiry-based science instruction. Volunteers partner with teachers to advance the teaching of hands-on science in support of district standards and required curriculum.

ASK program.

Outreach and Education

Look here for K-12 education activities for desalination

EPA Materials:
Get the Salt Out! – 3.8Mb PDF file

From EPA’s Water Source Books (pp. 2-39 - 2-44)
Students will do the following:

  1. Demonstrate that salt water can be changed to fresh water by evaporation.
  2. Make use of a hydrometer to measure the density (saltiness) of water.
  3. Research places in the world where desalinated water is the main source of drinking water.

USGS Materials:
Saline Water: Just because most of Earth's water is salty does not mean that people cannot use it.

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