Desalination and Water Purification

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“Meeting these challenges will require a comprehensive technology- and policy-based program that results in technological advances, creative administrative and managerial actions, and a greater national focus on water conservation.” - Desalination and Water Purification Technology Roadmap 2003.

Links and Resources

U.S. Geological Survey: Desalination of ground water fact sheet

Desalination Directory Online

American Membrane Technology Association


Water Reuse Foundation

European Desalination Society: Promoting desalination, water reuse and water technology.

International Desalination Association: Associated with the UN. Non-profit association of scientists, end-users, engineers, consultants and researchers from governments, corporations and academia.

Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC): To conduct, facilitate, promote, co-ordinate and support basic and applied research in water Desalination technology and supporting fields.

Desalination News and Information

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Salinity Laboratory

On line encyclopedia

Tularosa Basin (New Mexico) National Desalination Research Facility

Water 2025

California Seawater Desalination: California Coastal Commission guide to desalination and how it works.

Tampa Bay, Florida Seawater Desalination project

US Bureau of Reclamation Water Research

US Environmental Protection Administration

North American Membrane Society

ABCs of Desalinating

Texas Water Development Board -Desalination

Texas Bureau of Economic Geology

U.S. Desalination Coalition: National coalition of water agencies and utilities whose mission is to encourage the development of seawater and brackish groundwater desalination projects.

Yuma: Water Quality Improvement Center

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Water and Wastes Digest

California Desalination Task Force

Affordable Desalination Collaboration

An outside view

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