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The Arsenic Water Technology Partnership is supported with a $13 million Congressional appropriation through the U.S. Department of Energy. The program is a multi-year effort designed to move innovative technologies from the bench-scale to pilot scale demonstration. This program will enable water utilities, particularly those serving small, rural communities and Indian tribes, to implement the most cost-effective solutions to their arsenic treatment needs. This goal is being met by carrying out three activities:
  • conducting research to develop innovative, arsenic removal technologies with a focus on reducing energy costs, minimizing operating costs, and minimizing quantities of waste;
  • demonstrating the applicability of innovative technologies to a range of water chemistries, geographic locales, and system sizes; and
  • evaluating the cost effectiveness of these technologies and providing education, training, and technology transfer assistance to user communities.
The Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF) has managed the bench-scale research programs. WERC (A Consortium for Environmental Education and Technology Development) is evaluating the economic feasibility of the technologies investigated and conducting community education/technology transfer activities. Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) manages the pilot-scale demonstration program. During the period 2004-2006, Sandia National Laboratories has conducted pilot treatment demonstrations at six sites. Pilot communities and technologies were matched to examine a wide range of alternative technologies and site conditions. The classes of technologies tested include 1) Continuous Flow Systems (ion exchange, metal oxyhydroxides sorbents), 2) Batch Systems (Coagulation/Microfiltration), and 3) Reverse Osmosis. This website serves as a gateway to the activities supported by Sandia National Laboratories as part of the Arsenic Water Technology Partnership. Links are provided to:
Program Contact:
Malcolm Siegel, Sandia National Laboratories
Phone: 505-844-5426, FAX: 505-844-2348 or Email:

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