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Portable Instrumentation Systems




VIDAS (VXI Data Acquisition System) by Spectral Dynamics


  • Five Portable VXI crate systems interfaced with a Laptop computer operating IMPAX-SD™ software package
  • Configurable to 32 channels per VXI crate, four 8 channel modules
  • Completely integrated 8 channel data recording VXI module. Each channel includes bridge signal conditioner, low pass filter, 16 bit 2.5MSa/sec/ch ADC, (5MSa/Sec available) 16M Samples storage per channel.
  • Signal conditioning is suitable for strain gauge bridge-type transducers and voltage signals.
  • Buffered analog output for each channel
  • Internal and external triggering
  • Pre and Post trigger recording








    • 40 channels of Smart Remote Amplifier Modules for long transmission line applications with TCP/IP control.  Interfaces with Laptop computer operating IMPAX-SD™ software package
    • 8 differential channels per S-RAM module, with constant voltage excitation , bridge completion node controlled via TCP/IP Ethernet
    • S-RAM modules can be place close to explosive experiments to capture higher frequency data.
    • Each portable system Laptop contains “K2” data analysis and plotting software for immediate data reduction.

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