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Self-Contained Mobile Instrumentation Systems


Mobile Instrumentation Unit (MIU)



  • Mobile, over pressure protected data collection system for large scale testing
  • Support experiments with large channel counts (dense instrumentation)
  • Uses extensive diagnostic tests to validate the system and verify equipment parameters prior to testing.  Records results for quality assurance purposes
  • Calibrated diagnostic equipment
  • Post test diagnostics
  • Written operating procedures and checklists
  • Acquire & Analyze structural and thermal data
  • Acquire 90 channels of piezoresistive instrumentation and or 27 channels of piezoelectric and 63 channels of piezoresistive data
  • Plus 120 channels of Type K thermocouple data







  • RF connectivity to Command & Control Unit (MIU#2) or SNL building 6584
  • Two Ethernet data links, two video links with PTZ camera control, three video links using Ethernet
  • Single mode fiber connectivity to MIU#2 or SNL building 6584


  • Amplifiers: RC Electronics (Dynamics 8000), configurable bridge completion cards, anti-aliasing filters 5k, 20k, 50k, 150, 330k, 500kHz wide bandwidth, 15Vdc max. excitation, software controlled.
  • Digitizers: Primary & Secondary (backup) digitization, 30 channels 20MSa/S, 12bit, 2.5MSa/Ch, 60 channels 1.25MSa/S, 16bit, 16MSa/Ch
  • Amplifier/Digitizers/Matrix Switches: Matrix/Mux. Allows connection to input panel, diagnostic equipment, amplifiers, digitizers, and grounds
  • NTSC Video:  Five PTZ mobile cameras, Five SVHS VCRs, Video matrix switch, Eight video monitor plus InFocus projector



Mobile Instrumentation Data Acquisition System (MIDAS)




  • 72 channels of instrumentation data
  • Sample rates of 5KSa/sec to 1.25MSa/sec
    • 16MSa/Ch battery backed memory
  • Anti-Aliasing filters
  • System Flat frequency response to 100kHz
  • 100 channels of Type K thermocouple data
  • Fully Self Contained
  • Hazardous Materials Package Testing
  • Hardwire Instrumentation Connections
  • NQA-1 Documentation
  • Acquire and Analyze Structural and Thermal Data





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