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Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, routinely supports test operations with two mobile, self-contained, computer- controlled, stand-alone laser tracking systems.
Laser tracker control and trajectory, video, and digital data are handled from a central console in each tracker system. These trackers, either singly or in concert, can provide fast, highly accurate, time-space position information at the test site.


Fast turnaround capabilities include video and digital trajectory data. Roll, pitch, and yaw can be derived from the video and trajectory data. High-speed photometric coverage to 1,000 frames/second can be provided.
The laser trackers routinely track missiles, rocket sleds, smart munitions, parachute systems, aircraft, and other test items.

Test-item ranges up to 25,000 feet and velocities up to 20,000 feet/second can be accommodated with a single tracker system. For trajectories that range beyond 25,000 feet, both trackers can be used in tandem.


Laser tracker capabilities include:

  • Azimuth and elevation pointing accuracy of +/- 13 microradians

  • Maximum slew rates of 10 radians/second

  • Maximum accelerations of 150 radians/second/second

  • Trajectory data rate of 1,000 Hz
    real-time data to disk
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tracker pedestal

Diagram illustrating the optical pedestal
for the laser trackers

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Additional Information

For shipping and travel purposes, the sites are conveniently located near Albuquerque International Airport and two interstate highways. Sandia can perform the complete test from theoretical model development to execution and data analysis.

Sandia's mobile laser trackers can provide tracking and photometric information for a wide variety of tests.




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