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Package Development On-Site Container Drop Test

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This program focuses on the development of transport and storage packagings. It concentrates on developing standardized and site-specific, externally approved applications for the packaging of hazardous mixed waste and radioactive materials.

On-Site Container (ONC)
Sandia National Laboratories was contracted by the U.S. Army Office of the Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization (PMCD) to design, develop, and test an on-site transportation system, the On-Site Container, for the transport of obsolete chemical munitions that had been designated by Congress for demilitarization. This development effort included definition of the design requirements, package design, prototype fabrication, and prototype design verification testing.

Bechtel National Inc. (BNI) of San Francisco, California., as the procurement agent for the U.S. Army, selected Scientific Ecology Group of Carlsbad, NM., a Subsidiary of Westinghouse Corp. to manufacture the ONC production units. Sandia National Laboratories is providing technical liaison support for BNI and PMCD during the production cycle for production unit verification testing as well as ensuring all design requirements are maintained throughout production.

A drop test and a fire test performed on the On-Site Container at Sandia testing facilities. Designed by Sandia for the U.S. Army, the On-Site Container (ONC) is used to transport obsolete chemical weapons from their storage sites to disposal sites for destruction.

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