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Dwight Richard Jennison




Surface and Interface Sciences Department 1114 -- MS1421
Sandia National Laboratories
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185-1415, USA

Phone: +1.505.845.7737
FAX: +1.505.844.1197
Administrative Assistant: Cher Porter
Phone: (505)284-6996

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Specialization: Physics of condensed matter: surfaces, interfaces, and solids; electronic structure theory; first-principles calculations; electron spectroscopy.

Recent Work: Metal-oxide surfaces and ultrathin films, metal/metal-oxide interfaces, chemisorption on metal-oxides and metals, metal on metal adatom interactions, adsorbate island nucleation, electronically-stimulated surface processes, surface defects, point defects in oxides, nanoclusters.


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Dwight Jennison,

Last modified: 09/30/03

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