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HTML Reference Manual (removed)

Neither the main page nor any of the companion sub-pages of Sandia National Laboratories' HTML Reference Manual had been updated since January 1996. Therefore they were extremely obsolete.

Since there are no current plans to upgrade this document, as of January 1999 the author has removed all of its pages from public access.

Sandians may contact the author for access to an internally maintained copy which is being retained only for archival and historical purposes. The author regrets that requests for access by non-Sandians will not be honored.

The author notes that this document was copyrighted by Sandia National Laboratories, and no other site has ever been given permission to obtain or maintain a copy. Any such copies are believed to be a violation of copyright, and should be erased.

The author encourages all individuals who have been accessing this document to check other sources by using any of the well-known search sites for current information on HTML. As of August 2000, the following site had similar information about HTML and there may be others. Mention of this site does not constitute an endorsement of this page, or the accuracy of its contents, or its underlying commercial enterprise.

Michael J. Hannah
Sandia National Laboratories

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