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An important goal of Sandia is to get its technology used and commercialized by U.S. companies for the benefit of the domestic economy. Sandia National Laboratories uses a variety of agreement mechanisms to develop new partnerships with industry, state and local governments, and universities. The Licensing and Intellectual Property Management Organization at Sandia works with the developers of the intellectual property (patents, patent applications, copyrights, and trademarks) and the prospective Licensees to commercialize the RAMs.

All of Sandia's RAMs have been copyrighted and license agreements are negotiated to convey rights to the Sandia copyrights and trademarks. The specific terms and conditions contained in licenses to the RAMs are negotiated by Sandia with the Licensee. Three types of license can be negotiated: Government Use Notices, Noncommercial License Agreements and Commercial License Agreements.

  • A Government Use Notices provides the RAMs to agencies of the Federal Government or their contractors in support of these agencies.
  • A Noncommercial License Agreement can be provided through an End-User Licensing Agreement (EULA). The EULA is intended for internal use of the Sandia intellectual property by the Licensee for noncommercial purposes.
  • A Commercial License Agreement can provide the right to train third parties or to perform assessments using Sandia's RAMs.

Both the Noncommercial License Agreement and Commercial License Agreement require that the licensee be certified by submitting a DD Form 2345 to the organization indicated on the form and getting their approval.

The following is the link for the DD Form 2345:

Any other additional forms and/or requirements can be obtained from Sandia's licensing organization. Additional licensing information can be obtained at:

Licenced instructors.


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