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UHF Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery

Sandia operates a VHF / UHF synthetic aperture radar capable of operating over the band of 125 MHz to 950 MHz. This SAR is carried by the Sandia Twin Otter aircraft. Data is collected at ranges of 2 to 10 km. It can process images in real-time to resolutions as fine as 1.5 meters, but also collect data that can be processed post-flight to finer resolutions. This radar is used for a variety of foliage penetration and ground penetration experiments.

(Note: Resolutions are for original images prior to downsampling for world wide web viewing.)

UHF Radar Platform

Sandia National Laboratories DH-6 Twin Otter Aircraft (Note VHF/UHF SAR antenna mounted on the side of fuselage.)

Albuquerque, NM Area Images

Estancia, New Mexico (Wide-Angle Urban Scene, 2-m resolution)
Forest near Manzano State Park, New Mexico (Comparison with Ku-Band, 2-m resolution)
Bridge over Rio Grande River (Multiple Polarizations, 1-m resolution)



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