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Sandia DHC-6 Twin Otter

Sandia DHC-6 Twin-Otter synthetic aperture radar testbed

Sandia designed, developed, and now operates a state-of-the-art synthetic aperture radar installed in a DOE-owned DHC-6 Twin-Otter aircraft. The Twin Otter provides a low-cost testbed which is easily adaptable to varied applications. The SAR is a flexible, calibrated sensor which has been applied to a number of imaging problems of national importance. An identical copy of this SAR has been integrated for the DOE Office of Arms Control and Nonproliferation and has been installed in a pod on a Lockheed P-3A Orion aircraft.

The Twin Otter carries a complete data collection system including radar, GPS-aided inertial motion measurement system, fully gimbaled antenna, real-time image formation processor, high capacity data storage system, and optionally a real-time automatic target recognition processor.

Currently, Sandia is able to collect flight data over the following radar bands.

  • Ka (35 GHz)
  • Ku (15 GHz)
  • X (10 GHz)
  • VHF/UHF (125 MHz - 950 MHz)

Data collection capabilities include strip map, spotlight, and squint modes, all at a wide variety of elevation angles and other flight geometries.

For more information, please review "A High-Resolution, Four-Band SAR Testbed with Real-Time Image Formation." (Launches Adobe Acrobat)

AMPS Navy P-3A Orion

P-3A Orion with synthetic aperture radar pod

As a part of the Airborne Multisensor Pod System (AMPS) program, Sandia operates and maintains the SAR pod. The SAR operates in the Ku-band and is capable of 1 meter resolution. The pod is visible under the right wing (near the fuselage) of the aircraft.

Sandia Antenna Measurement Facility

Sandia synthetic aperture radar antenna measurement facility

Sandia also operates a precision radar antenna test and calibration range that doubles as a SAR / ISAR imaging instrument. The indoor facility allows detailed measurements of target cross sections and scattering properties.


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