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Pulsed Power Technology &
Radiation Effects Science


Time-exposure photograph of electrical flashover arcs produced over the surface of the water in the accelerator tank as a byproduct of Z operation. These flashovers are much like strokes of lightning

Contact Information

For Radiation Effects please contact Tom Laub
(505) 844-9142

For Pulsed Power please contact Steve Glover
(505) 845-9620

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SEERI Publications by Students

Ross Falcon (2012-2013 )

Creating White Dwarf Photospheres in the Laboratory (17th European White Dwarf Workshop, Conference Presentation)

Developing an Experimental Platform to Create White Dwarf Photospheres in the Laboratory (American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting, Poster Presentation)


Michael Rigley (2011-2013 )

Uncollided-flux Preconditioning for the First Order Transport Equation


Jeffrey Chenhall (2010)

SCEPTRE Convergence with Pn & Sn Order (SAND2010-5282P)

Aaron Olson (2010)

Effectiveness of Various Error Metrics in SCEPTRE (SAND2010-5353C)


Jennifer Ellis (2010)

Recreation of White Dwarf Photospheric Conditions on Z (SAND2010-5945C)


Timothy Burke and Thomas Holschuh (2010)

Transient EM Analysis of ITER Plasma-facing Components (SAND2010-7328C)

Michael King (2010)

Impact of δ-rays on Single-Event Upsets in Highly-Scaled SRAMS

Radial Characteristics of Heavy-Ion Track Structure and Implications of Delta-ray Events for Microelectronics (Applied Physical Letters)


Andrew Sharp (2009-2010)

Ion Beam Energy Spectrum Calculation via Dosimetry Data Deconvolution (SAND2010-6752C)

Spectral Unfolding of HERMES III H+ Beam (SAND2010-5410C)

Spectral Unfolding Process Using Processed Pinhole Images (SAND2009-6076C)


Franklin Orndorff-Plunkett (2009-2010)

A Package for Automated Visualization of Eiger-Generated Data (SAND2010-5375C)

Simple Optima Searching (SAND2009-5530C)


Paul Stanfield (2009-2010)

Unstructured Mesh Tally for ITS (SAND2010-5344C)

ITS Finite Element Mesh Structure (SAND2009-5925C)


Caleb Waugh (2009)

A 2 Mega Gauss Magnetic Field Driver for Cluster Fusion Experiments (SAND2009-6970C)


Janelle Branson (2009)

Ion Beam Characterization of Advanced Luminescent Materials for Application in Radiation Effects Microscopy (SAND2009-0357P)

Radiation Effects Studies with Ion Photon Emission (SAND2009-5298P)


Robert Wills (2009)

Modeling a Plasma Disruption in Magnetically Confined Fusion (SAND2009-5018P)


D. Anthony Fredenburg (2009)

Dynamic Consolidation of Al 6061-T6 Powders (SAND2009-5179P)


Allison Barber (2009)

From Student Intern to Staff and Everything in Between (SAND2011-1444P)

Seven Percent Critical Experiment (7uPCX) at Sandia Pulsed Reactor Facility (SAND2009-5545P)


Rodney Keith (2009)

Order-of-Convergence Study of a Condensed-History Algorithm Implementation (SAND2009-5833C)


Leandra Boucheron (2008)

Photonic Displacement Interferometry (PDI) (SAND2009-6075C)


Thomas Quirk (2004)

The Integration of Improved Monte Carlo Compton Scattering Algorithms Into The Integrated TIGER Series (SAND2004-3189A)

The Integration of Improved Monte Carlo Compton Scattering Algorithms Into The Integrated TIGER Series (SAND2004-3859C)