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Pulsed Power Technology &
Radiation Effects Science


Time-exposure photograph of electrical flashover arcs produced over the surface of the water in the accelerator tank as a byproduct of Z operation. These flashovers are much like strokes of lightning

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MAGLIF Workshop Presentations

Presentations from Monday, February 6, 2012

Mark Herrmann, SNL, "Welcome and goals of the workshop"

Stephen Slutz, SNL, "MagLIF concept and overview"

Daniel Sinars, SNL, "Scientific uncertainties and opportunities in MagLIF"

Jeremy Chittenden, Imperial College, "MagLIF modeling using Gorgon"

Dmitri Ryutov, LLNL, "Key ideas for MagLIF"

Adam Sefkow, SNL, "Integrated MagLIF calculations in HYDRA"

Y.Y. Lau, U. Michigan, "Magneto-Rayleigh-Taylor instability theory and experiments"

Ryan McBride, SNL, "MRT experiments on Z"

Chris Jennings, SNL, "3D modeling of MRT experiments"

Kyle Peterson, SNL, "Electro-thermal instabilities"

Jim Knauer, U. Rochester, "Magnetic field compression and amplification using laser-driven implosions"

Gennady Fiksel, U. Rochester, "Effect of magnetic fields on neutron emission from ICF implosions"

Dean Rovang, SNL, "Magnetic field coil designs for Z"

Presentations from Tuesday, February 7,2012

Daniel Sinars, SNL, "Z-Beamlet laser preheat and experimental test capabilities"

David Montgomery, LANL, "Diagnosing laser preheat using self-Thomson scattering"

Abbas Nikroo and Kurt Tomlinson, General Atomics, "Target design and integrated diagnostic capabilities"

Parallel Discussion Session A:  Moderated by Charlie Nakhleh
“Initiation and stability of liner implosions, fuel assembly, and stagnation physics”

Parallel Discussion Session B:  Moderated by Mike Cuneo “Magnetic field measurements and relevant experiments on other facilities”

Presentations from February 8, 2012

Discussion session summary out briefs and general discussion (Nakhleh & Cuneo)

Discussion session summary out briefs and general discussion (Nakhleh & Cueno)