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Pulsed Power Technology &
Radiation Effects Science


Time-exposure photograph of electrical flashover arcs produced over the surface of the water in the accelerator tank as a byproduct of Z operation. These flashovers are much like strokes of lightning

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Electromagnetic Technology at Sandia National Laboratories


Z Accelerator
The Sandia Z machine is the world's largest pulsed power facility. It stores up to 22 MJ of energy in capacitor banks that is compressed in both space and time into a ~100 ns, linearly rising current pulse with a peak value of up to 26 MA. This current is used to create extremely high energy density conditions.

Z-Backlighter Laser
The Z-Backlighter Laser (ZBL) is the third largest pulsed laser in the world. It provides x-ray images of imploding capsules and wire-array dynamics on Z experiments.

Saturn Accelerator
Saturn is a modular, variable-spectrum, x-ray simulation source capable of producing 75 trillion watts in x rays.

Hermes III Accelerator
The High-Energy Radiation Megavolt Electron Source (HERMES) III accelerator is the world's most powerful gamma-ray simulator.

RITS Accelerator
The Radiographic Integrated Test Stand (RITS) accelerator has been built as a test bed for research and development of pulsed power drivers and radiographic diodes.