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MAGLIF Workshop

Sandia National Laboratories and General Atomics are sponsoring a Liner Fusion Workshop in Albuquerque, NM on February 5-8, 2012

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This workshop is designed to build understanding and support within the broader academic and laboratory community for an inertial confinement fusion concept known as “Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion” (MagLIF).  The MagLIF concept has been described in a recent paper [S.A. Slutz et al., Physics of Plasmas 17, 056303 (2010).] Sandia National Laboratories is presently engineering the subsystems required to test this concept on the 26 MA Z facility at Sandia, and we believe the first fully integrated experiments will be possible in 2013.

The scientific evaluation of this concept will require new developments in theory, modeling, diagnostics, and experiments. Sandia has been contacted by several individuals and groups about how they might contribute to this evaluation. In response, we are holding a workshop designed to present the concept in detail to interested parties and to discuss and look for opportunities for scientific research. The workshop is sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories and by General Atomics.


Workshop Overview

The first day of the workshop shall be devoted to a series of technical presentations on subjects related to the MagLIF concept and its implementation on Sandia’s Z facility. Some ongoing research projects relevant to MagLIF will also be presented. The second day of the workshop will contain several focused discussion sessions targeted toward understanding the opportunities for scientific research that universities and other laboratories can contribute toward. The third morning will summarize these physics discussions and include some program and planning discussions.

Workshop Agenda

The workshop will be held at the Marriott hotel (see below for details). Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the hotel as part of the workshop, along with snacks and drinks during breaks. Since the last day of the workshop is a half-day and we expect some people may need to head directly to the airport, we will provide boxed lunches to go on that day. There are several restaurants within walking distance of the hotel for dinners, including some near the open-air Uptown shopping area and the enclosed Coronado and Winrock malls.

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Detailed Agenda (Updated Jan 23rd, 2012)


Registration Information

Registration costs (includes reception, breakfasts and lunches):
              Academia:  $210.00
              Non-academia:  $425.00

Payment must be done online using the Sandia WebPay system.


NOTE:  When registering for the workshop, please ensure that you select the correct registration title from the drop-down menu to get the correct rate.  There are two options:  Academia and Non-Academia.  Only academia will be allowed to register at the reduced rate.

  1. MagLIF Workshop-ACADEMIA REGISTRATION ONLY (university professors, researchers, and students)
  2. MagLIF Workshop-NON-ACADEMIA REGISTRATION ONLY (all other attendees)


Hotel Information

The conference will be held at the Albuquerque Marriott hotel at 2101 Louisiana Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110. Government attendees will be able to obtain the prevailing Federal Government per Diem rate of $81.00 for single-occupancy rooms. Each guest must provide their current Federal Government ID to receive this rate. Non-government attendees can receive the standard "Sandia" rate for single-occupancy rooms.

Reservations for the event can be made directly with Marriott reservations at 1-800-334-2086 or using the web site Albuquerque Marriott.  Ask for the Sandia National Laboratories Workshop.