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2009 Research Briefs

A New Capability for Using Orbital-Dependent Functionals in Density Functional-Theory Calculations
    A. F. Wright, et al
Adatom and Addimer-Mediated Exchange Diffusion in the Ge Si(001) Surface Alloy
    E.Bussmann and B. S. Swartzentruber
Advancements in Single Ion Geiger Mode Avalanche Photodiodes SIGMA Detectors for the QIST Grand Challenge
   E. Bielejec and M. S. Carroll
Charge Sensing in Silicon Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Quantum Dots
    M.P. Lilly, et al
Determining the GaSb/GaAs-(2x8) Reconstruction and Its Impact on Stress Relaxation
    Jessica E. Bickel, N. A. Modine, J. M. Millunchick
Dislocation Density Reduction in GaN Using Self-Assembled Masking Layers of Silica Microspheres
   George T. Wang and Qiming Li
Energy Frontier Research Center for Solid-State Lighting Science
    J. A. Simmons, M. E. Coltrin, and J. Y. Tsao
Energy Transfer from an Electron-Hole Plasma Layer to a Quantum Well
    S..K. Lyo
Evolution of Mechanical Properties during Aging of ErT2 Target Films
    J. A. Knapp, J. F. Browning (ORNL), and G. M. Bond (NMT)
Evolution of Oxide Stability During Localized Corrosion of Model Al-Cu Alloys
    N. Missert, et al
Growth and Characterization of Mg-doped AlGaN/AlN Superlattices
    A. A. Allerman, et al
Growth Mechanisms that Control InGaN Step Morphology
    D. D. Koleske, et al
Impact of Gas-Phase and Surface Chemistry During InGaN MOCVD
    E. Nielsen, M. Carroll, and R. Muller
In-Situ Structure and Property Correlation of Nanostructured Materials by Using a TEM-SPM Platform
    Jianyu Huang
In-Situ Structures for Nanoscale Electrochemistry
    J. P. Sullivan, et al
Isothermal Magnetic Advection: Functional Flows for Heat and Mass Transfer
   J. E. Martin and Kyle Solis
Longwave Infrared Optical Cross Sections for Biological Warfare Agents and Simulants
    S. M. Sickafoose, et al
Low Noise Exchange Gates in Double Quantum Dots
    E. Nielsen, M. Carroll, and R. Muller
Monolithically Integrated Solid-State Terahertz Transceivers
    M. Lee, et al
Nanoporous-Carbon Coated SAWs for ppb Detection of Trihalomethanes in Water
    M. P. Siegal, et al
Observation of a Percolation-Induced 2D Metal-Insulator Transition in a Si MOSFET
    L. A. Tracy, et al
Observation of a Possible New Non-Abelian Quantum Hall State
    W. Pan
Resolving Neutron Induced Defects in the Silicon Bipolar Transistor
    R. M. Fleming
Semiconductor Q-switch Demonstrated in Solid-State Microlaser
    J. Cederberg, D. Bender, M. Pack, R. Schmitt
Solid-State Lighting: An Integrated Human Factors, Technology and Economic Perspective
   J. Y. Tsao, et al
Superplastic Salt Nanowires
    N. W. Moore, et al
The Role of Carbon Surface Diffusion on the Growth of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC
    T. Ohta, et al
Trapping of Deuterium at Displacement Damage in Tungsten and the Implications for Tritium Retention in ITER
    W .R. Wampler
Two-Dimensional Mapping of Electron Densities in an Ionized Plasma Using Laser-Collision Induced Fluorescence
    E. V. Barnat



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