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2008 Research Briefs

Active Control of Surface Plasmons
    E. A. Shaner et al
Coulomb Drag of Electron-hole Bilayers in the Exciton Regime
    M. P. Lilly et al
Deep Level Optical Spectroscopy of GaN Nanowires
    A. Armstrong et al
Depolarization measurements of biological aerosols for standoff detection
    R. L. Schmitt et al
Dynamics of Entangled Polymer Melts A Perspective from 20 Years of Molecular Dynamics Simulations
    G. S. Grest
Effects of Neutron Damage on Photocurrent in Silicon Bipolar Junction Transistors
    W. R. Wampler
Elucidating Acid-base Behavior of Silica with ab initio Molecular Dynamics
    K. Leung et al
Epitaxial Diamond Growth on Ir 100 Surfaces
    T. A. Friedmann et al
Extreme Response Field-structured Chemiresistors for Chemical Switch Arrays
    D. H. Read and J. E. Martin
High Refractive Index TiO2 Nanoparticle Silicone Composites
    T. C. Monson and D. L. Huber
Indium-induced Step Transformation during InGaN Quantum-well Growth on GaN
    D. D. Koleske et al
Integrated Contamination Layers for Corrosion Sensors
    N. Missert et al
Inverse Gain Comparison between Experimental and Simulation Results for Ion Beam Irradiations in Silicon Bipolar Junction Transistors
    E. Bielejec et al
Ion-Imaging Plasma Diagnostics
    E. V. Barnat and P. A. Miller
Ion Luminescence of Multi-Quantum Well Structures
    G. Vizkelethy et al
Large Enhancements of Magnetic Anisotropy in Oxide-Free Iron Nanoparticles
    D. L. Huber et al
Measuring Defects in Silicon Damage Cascades
    R. M. Fleming
Measuring Diode Characteristics of Individual Semiconductor Nanowires
    B. S. Swartzentruber et al
Mg Doping of AlGaN Alloys for Optoelectronic Devices
    A. A. Allerman et al
Microstructural Origins of Saccharine Induced Stress Reduction in Electrodeposited Ni
    S. J. Hearne et al
Model of Defect Evolution and Carrier Reactions in a Neutron Recoil Cascade and Comparison with Experiment
    S. M. Myers and W. R. Wampler
Rapid Time to Fire Nd Cr GSGG Lasers
    M. V. Pack and P. A. Miller
Scattering in Bloch Oscillations in a One-dimensional Quantum Dot Superlattice
    S. K. Lyo
Surface Plasmon Enhanced Emission from InGaN LEDs
    A. J. Fischer et al
The Science of QASPR (Qualification Alternatives to the Sandia Pulsed Reactor) in Sandia's Physical, Chemical, and Nano Sciences Center (PCNSC)
    S .M. Myers
Thermal Tests of Target Materials in Gamma-tubes for Active Interrogation
    P. P. Provencio et al



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