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2007 Research Briefs

ARES Upgrade - Time-resolved Spectral Measurements of Bio-aerosols
    S. M. Sickafoose, et al.
Annealing Factor as a Metric for Comparison between SPR-III and IBL
    E V Bielejec et al.
Broadband Microwave AC Conductance of Silicon Nanowire Arrays
    Mark Lee and Clark Highstrete
Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies--Overview
    R. Q. Hwang
Development of THz Photomixing Spectrometer for Gas Phase Spectroscopy
    K. M. Fortier, et al.
Electrically Pumped InAs Quantum Dot Mid-IR Emitters
    E. A. Shaner, et al.
Enhanced Interaction in Closely Spaced Electron-hole Bilayers
    M. P. Lilly, et al.
Enhanced Luminescence of InGaN Quantum Wells Grown on InGaN Underlayers
    M. H. Crawford, et al.
Gain Changes in Silicon Bipolar Transistors Due to Atomic Displacements - Theory and Experiment
    W. R. Wampler and S. M. Myers
High Precision Quantum Mechanics Calculations for Silicon Defects
    A. F. Wright and N. A. Modine
High Temperature Quantum Cascade Lasers
    W. W. Chow, et al.
Holey Sheets - Durable Dendritic Platinum Catalysts for Fuel Cells
    J. Shelnutt, et al.
Identifying the Origins of Heterogeneity in Ultra-thin Films by LEEM-IV Analysis
    Gary Kellogg
Initial Temperature Effects on Shock-Driven Power Supplies
    R. E. Setchell, et al
Interfacial Force Microscope Application to MEMS Metrology
    J. E. Houston
Ion-Imaging Plasma Diagnostics
    E. V. Barnat and P. A. Miller
Irradiation for the Novel Radiolytic Formation of Super Alloy Nanoparticles
    T. M. Nenoff, et al.
Large-Area 3D Nanostructures by Proximity-field nanoPattering (PnP)
    K. H. A. Bogart, et al.
Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Imaging
    D. L. Huber
Mid-Infrared Doping-Tunable Extraordinary Transmission from Sub-Wavelength Gratings
    J. G. Cederberg, et al.
Nanomanipulator for Electronic Characterization and Top-Down Construction of Unique Nanostructures
    B. S. Swartzentruber
National Center for Solid-State Lighting
    M. E. Coltrin and J. A. Simmons
Neutron and Ion Induced Defects in Silicon in a Complex Damage Environment
    R. M. Fleming
Nitride Semiconductor Materials Research in Sandia's Physical, Chemical, and Nano Sciences Center - Overview
    J. Y. Tsao
On the Structure of Magnetized Sheaths in Radiofrequency Discharges
    E. V. Barnat and P. A. Miller
QASPR Science in the Physical, Chemical, and Nano Sciences Center - Overview
    S. M. Myers
Reducing Dislocations in AlGaN Grown on Patterned GaN
    D. M. Follstaedt, et al.
Strain Induced Surface Reconstructions of Compound Semiconductor Alloys
    N. A. Modine et al.
Stress Gradients in Annealed Tetrahedral Amorphous-Carbon Films
    T. A. Friedmann and J. P. Sullivan
The Role of Collisions in Aligned Nanowire Growth
    George T. Wang, et al.
Theory of Strong Intrinsic Mixing of Magnetic Particle Suspensions in Vortex Magnetic Fields
    J. E. Martin



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