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2005 Research Briefs

A Local-Probe Analysis of the Rheology of a 'Solid Liquid'
    J. E. Houston

Carbon Transport and Deposition in Tokamaks
    W. R. Wampler

Cavitation in the Interaction Between Superhydrophobic Sufaces
    F. B. van Swol, et al.

Chemistry of AlGaN Particulate Formation
    M. E. Coltrin and J. R. Creighton

DFT+U Studies of MnP Adsorption on Au(111) Surface and Electric Field Effects
    K. Leung, et al.

DLTS and Gain Measurements of Bipolar Transistors Following Ion Irradiation
    R. M. Fleming, et al.

Drag and Drift of Excitons by a Two-Dimensional Electron Current
    S. K. Lyo

Exploiting Interfacial Water Properties for Desalination and Purification Applications
    P. J. Feibelman, et al.

Gas-phase Absorption Spectrum of 2, 4 DNT Using THz Time-domain Spectroscopy
    R. J. Foltynowicz

High Efficiency UV Generation
    D. J. Armstrong and A. V. Smith

Improved Power and Reliability of AlGaN-based Deep Ultraviolet LEDs
    M. H. Crawford, et al.

Investigations of the Role of Cl on Pit Initiation in Aluminum Using STEM-EDS Spectral Imaging
    N. A. Missert, et al.

Ion Photon Emission Microscope for Radiation Effects Microscopy
    B. L. Doyle, et al.

Modeling High Power Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers
    A. V. Smith, et al.

Modeling the Silicon Interstitial-- Why the Self-interstitial is Invisible
    N. A. Modine and D. V. Lang

Nanomanipulation Using Combined Scanning Probe Microscope and Scanning Electron Microscope
    B. S. Swartzentruber

Near-UV Pyrometry for Group-III Nitride MOCVD
    J. R. Creighton, et al.

Optimization of Indium Incorporation in InGaN Multi-Quantum Wells
    D. D. Koleske, et al.

Photonic Crystals for Improved InGaN LED Efficiency
    A. J. Fischer, et al.

Photonic Lattice vs. Blackbody Radiation
    W. W. Chow

Precise Positioning of Quantum Dot Molecules by Directed Self-Assembly
    J. A. Floro

Programming Dynamic Self-Assembly-- Theory and Simulations
    A. M. Bouchard, et al.

Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors (QDIPS)
    J. G. Cederberg

RF-to-Millimeter Wave AC Conductivity of Carbon Nanotubes
    C. Highstrete, et al.

Science-Based Modeling of Pulse-Irradiated Transistors in the QASPR Program
    S. M. Myers and W. R. Wampler

Shock Studies to Optimize ALOX Encapsulants
    R. E. Setchell, et al.

Single Quantum Well Terahertz Plasmon Detectors
    E. A. Shaner, et al.

Strain Fields Around the Tracks of High-Energy Ions in Quartz
    D. M. Follstaedt, et al.

Stress Creation During NiMn Electrodeposition
    S. J. Hearne, et al.

Temperature Dependent Mechanical Properties of Materials-- A Study Using Micromechanical Oscillators
    J. P. Sullivan, et al.

Theory of Charge Induction in MOS Structures
    G. Vizkelethy, et al.

Tunneling Spectroscopy in Vertically Coupled Quantum Wires
    M. P. Lilly, et al.

Voltage Tunable Two-color Superlattice Infrared Photodetectors
    J. L. Reno



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