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2004 Research Briefs

A Thermostable Kinesin Motor Protein for Hybrid Nanoscale Systems
    G. D. Bachand, et al.

Antibody Trapping on Switchable Films
    Bruce Bunker, et al.

Applications for Terahertz Time-domain Spectroscopy
    R. Foltynowicz

Ares Ulatraviolet Laser Induced Fluorescence (UV LIF) Standoff System Development and Testing
    R. L. Schmitt, et al.

BioLaser INCEPTOR for Rapid Detection and Differential Analysis of Anthrax Endospore Simulants
    Paul Gourley, et al.

Bridging the Nano-Micro Length Scale in Surface Science
    Gary L. Kellogg, et al.

Cantilever Epitaxy of GaN Receives R and D100 Award
    D. M. Follstaedt, et al.

Configurational Defect Bistability in Semiconductors -- The MFe Center in InP
    G. A. Samara

Determination of Minority Carrier (Hole) Transport Properties in GaN-based LEDs
    Steven R. Kurtz and Robert J. Kaplar

Dipolar Centers in Quantum Paraelectrics-- Mn and Fe in KTa03
    E. L. Venturini and G. A. Samara

Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Alumina-Filled Encapsulants
    R. E. Setchell, et al.

Expanding the Operating Range of Terahertz Quantum-Cascade Lasers
    J. L. Reno

Fe Nanoclusters-- Novel Solution Synthesis and Enhanced Magnetic Properties
    D. L. Huber, et al.

Ferromagnetic Domains Induced by Dipolar Coupling
    James E. Martin, et al.

Hysteresis in Double Quantum Well Structure-- Evidence for a Wigner Crystal
    W. Pan et al.

Implications of Spectroscopic Measurements of an Ultrathin Water Layer
    Peter J. Feibelman

Interaction of Magnesocene (MgCp2) and Ammonia (NH3) Explains 'Memory Effects' during p-Type Doping of Group-III Nitrides
    G. T. Wang and J. R. Creighton

Island Coalescence Stress-- Solving a 30-Year-Old Scientific Debate
    S. J. Hearne, et al.

Mechanical Dissipation in Disordered Materials-- Micro-scale to Nano-scale
    J. P. Sullivan, et al.

Millimeter Wave Mixing Using Plasmon and Bolometric Response in a Double-quantum-well Field-effect Transistor
    Mark Lee, et al.

Nanoparticle Transport Using Motor Proteins
    Bruce Bunker, et al.

Nanoporous-carbon-- A Revolutionary New Material for Chemical Microsensors
    M. P. Siegal, et al.

Nitrogen Vacancy Diffusion and Trapping in Mg-doped Wurtzite GaN
    A. F. Wright and T. R. Mattsson

Photocatalytic Nanotubes
    John A. Shelnutt, et al.

Plasma-Surface Interactions
    E. V. Barnat and G. A. Hebner

Radiaiton Effects Microscopy for First-Pass Success of an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)
    G. Vizkelethy, et al.

Reduced Dislocation Densities in High Aluminum AlGaN Alloys for Deep Ultra-Violet Light Emitting Diodes
    A. A. Allerman, et al.

Reduction of Deep Level Emission in AlGaN-based Deep Ultraviolet Emitters
    M. H. Crawford, et al.

Scanning Probe Studies of Water Nucleation and Growth on Aluminum Oxide
    N. Missert and R. G. Copeland

Shear in Granular Couette Cells
    Gary S. Grest, et al.

Switchable Monolayers for Microfluidic Systems
    Bruce Bunker, et al.

The Influence of Lead Stoichiometry on the Phase Behavior of PZT 95-5
    E. L. Venturini,et al.

The Interaction of Defects and H in Proton-irradiated GaN(Mg,H)
    C. H. Seager and S. M. Myers

The Very Large Dielectric Constant of CaCu3Ti4012-- An Inhomogeneous Semiconductor
    G. A. Samara, et al.

Tunable Broad White Lighr Emission from Single Size Semiconductor Quantum Dots
    J. P. Wilcoxon, et al.

Tunneling in Double Quantum Wire Devices
    M. P. Lilly, et al.








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