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Other Awards


Gary Kellogg:  American Physical Society Award "for outstanding referee."

Normand Modine and Alan Wright:  Lockheed-Martin Award for Excellence in Research "for excellence in research regarding the Lockheed-Martin Shared Vision project on CNT photodectros."

Dale Huber — Laboratory Directed Research & Development Award for Excellence:  "Exploiting Interfacial Water Properties for Desalination and Purification Applications."



Gary Grest:  American Physical Society Aneesur Rahman Prize  "for his ground-breaking development of computational methods and their application to the study of soft materials, including polymers, colloids, and granular system."

Julia Phillips:  American Physical Society George E. Pake Prize  "for leadership and pioneering research in materials physics for industrial and national security applications."

Wei Pan:  Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) "for the combination of innovative research at the frontiers of science and technology and community service demonstrated through scientific leadership and community outreach."

Gyorgy Vizkelethy — Laboratory Directed Research & Development Award for Excellence:  "Ion Neutron Simulation (INSIM)."

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Julia Hsu — Laboratory Directed Research & Development Award for Excellence:  "Nanolithography Directed Materials Growth and Self-Assembly."

Mark Lee — Laboratory Directed Research & Development Award for Excellence:  "Microwave to Millimeter Wave Electrodynamic Response and RF Applications of Semiconductor Quantum Nanostructures."

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Gary Grest — Laboratory Directed Research & Development Award for Excellence:  "Elucidating the Mysteries of Wetting."

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Julia Hsu and Neil Simmons:  First Prize in the 2005 Materials Research Society in "Science as Art" Competition, Garden of ZnO Nano-Yuccas.

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Center 1100:   R&D100 Award for "Cantilever Epitaxy and Growth of Low-Dislocation Gallium Nitride" — Inventors: C. I. H. Ashby, D. M. Follstaedt, C. C. Mitchell, and J. Han; Developers: A. A. Allerman, K. H. A. Bogart, K. Cross, A. J. Fischer, K. Fullmer, L. Griego, D. D. Koleske, N. A. Missert, M. P. Moran, A. K. Norman, A. Ongstad, G. M. Peake, P. Provencio, and J. Sergeant.

Julia Phillips:   National Academy of Engineering Election "for leadership and distinguished research in the epitaxy of dissimilar materials."

Julia Phillips:   Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal Recipient — highest award of the Yale University Graduate School Alumni Association: Cited for "scientific achievements, leadership in research management, outstanding service to the nation, and inspiration as a role model for young women in science and engineering."

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Meredith Anderson:  2003 Nellie Yeoh Whetten Award, from the AVS Science and Technology Society, which recognizes excellence in graduate research by a woman in a scientific or technical area of interest to the AVS.

Weng Chow:   Humboldt Research Award for his early experimental research on electrical discharge excimer lasers and for his recent accomplishments on the microscopic theory of semiconductor lasers.

Julia Phillips:   National Associate of the National Academies in recognition of her "extraordinary service to the National Academies."

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Bill Breiland:   Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) Excellence in Technology Transfer Award for the development of instrumentation and software analysis to measure, in situ, thin film growth rates and wafer temperature during the fabrication of compound semiconductor optoelectronic device structures.

Center 1100 Teams:   Weapon Award of Excellence:

  1. The Neutron Tube Production R&D Team for applying scientific tools and methods to improve yield and reliability of Neutron Tubes (Paul A. Miller, Team Lead, et al.);
  2. The Photonic Driver Team for developing a Photonic Driver capability for microscale shock wave physics research (Bob Setchell, Team Lead, et al.).

Gary Grest:   Humboldt Research Award in recognition of research accomplishments in the area of polymer modeling, which will be used to further collaborations with colleagues in Germany.

Greg Hebner:  Plasma Prize for Science and Technology presented by the American Vacuum Society, Plasma Science and Technology Division, for innovative development of diagnostics and insightful fundamental studies of low temperature plasmas and their successful application to the advancement of plasma technologies.

Gordon Osbourn:  National Academy of Engineering Election for "originating the field of strained-layer superlattices and related structures, which has led to revolutionary advances in electronics and optoelectronics."

Julia Phillips:   Horizon Award presented by the New Mexico Commission on the Status of Women and the U. S. Department of Labor Women's Bureau: The recipient of this award must be a New Mexico resident who has contributed significantly to the acceptance and advancement of women in Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology.

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Weng Chow:   Named Honorary Professor at Cardiff University.

Barney Doyle and George Vizkelethy:  Won top R&D 100 awards for their Ion Electron Emission Microscope, or IEEM as "innovative technology" in an annual competition sponsored by R&D Magazine.

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Gordon Osbourn:   DOE Energy@23 Award (Top 23 DOE Innovations from 1977-2000 contributing to American consumers) for Strained-layer Semiconductor.

Paul Gourley:  Energy 100 Awards (Top one hundred discoveries and innovations from the Department of Energy that have resulted in improvements for American consumers from 1977-2000), for the Biological Microcavity Laser.

Gordon Osbourn:   Energy100 Award (Top 100 DOE Innovations from 1977-2000 contributing to American consumers) for Strained-layer Semiconductor.

George Samara:   American Chemical Society Awards 2000 - Earle B. Barnes Award "for outstanding leadership in chemical research management and "for visionary leadership in managing laboratory and inter-laboratory research in the National interest at the frontiers of materials science" presented at the 219th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Francisco, California.

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Jerry A. Simmons:   Industry Week's - Technology of the Year Award (top 25 technologies of the year) for invention of the Double Electron Layer Tunneling Transistor, a novel transistor based on quantum tunneling of electrons which is expected to result in remarkable speed and performance enhancements.

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