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Jon Custer
Jon Custer


Carley Parriott
Admin. Asst.


R&D 100 Award

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Heavy Ion Backscattering Spectrometry (HIBS)

Ion Beam Materials Research Laboratory User Facility

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Radiation-Solid Interactions

The Radiation-Solid Interactions Department possesses both personnel and facilities specialized for:

             • analyze the composition of solids

             • modify solids on the atomic scale

             • study and simulate micro-area radiation effects on systems         

The Ion Beam Lab (IBL) has systems capable of accelerating virtually any atom in the periodic table to energies ranging from an eV to 0.4 GeV and five nuclear microscopes.

The department also has an equally powerful array of defect characterization tools that exist to measure and quantify the effect of both point and extended defects in materials, including two TEMs, two SEMs, and a nanoindenter.  The main goal of this department is to perform basic R&D that impacts programs involving National Defense.














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