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About Plasma Science and Technology

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Our work focuses on topics related to the science and technology of plasmas (electrically-excited gases).

We perform work in a variety of programs for the Department of Energy, for other government agencies, with SEMATECH, and with many different companies in private industry.

We routinely collaborate closely with partners at other DOE labs, at NIST, at universities, as well as with SEMATECH and with private industry.

Much of our work is proprietary and cannot be discussed here in any detail. Most recently, our efforts have concentrated on plasma issues involved in the etching of wafers for the production of microelectronics circuits. The following is a list of areas of current interest, activity, and experience:

In various programs, we have performed plasma diagnostics with transient and steady-state plasma systems spanning 25 orders of magnitude in power, from picowatts (1pW = 10-12 ) to tens of terawatts (1TW = 10+12 ).

We are always looking for new challenges.

Point of Contact: Greg Hebner



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