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VECSEL: The Other Surface Emitting Semiconductor Laser

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The Differences between VCSELS and VECSELS and a Standard Laser

schematic of standard laser      schematic of vcsel

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schematic of VECSEL

VECSEL Benefits
Good Beam Quality   High power (Watt)
External mirror makes transverse mode control robust   NIR lasers around 1 m could replace cw diode pumped Nd lasers
Intracavity nonlinear Optics (possible)   (visible) for projection displays and to replace Ar+ lasers
Increased beam diameter over VCSEL   Pump source for communication amplifiers
Compact   Green, blue and near-UV sources
40% optical-optical efficiency has been demonstrated (more should be possible)
  Low power
Several wavelengths are available in low and high power configurations   digital imaging, flow cytometry, drug discovery, DNA sequencing, & wafer inspection
    compact, efficient for chem lab on a chip

Optically and Electrically Pumped VECSELS

Optically pumped VECSELs have a simple cavity. Optical pumping is convenient, efficient and can be made compact.

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schematic of optical pumping

Electrically injected VECSELs are challenging due to current injection issues.

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schematic of electric pumping

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