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Electrically pumped Sources

E-VECSEL: Electrically Injected Configurations

Electrical pumping is harder than optical.

Current spreading and heating are major issues.

Processing is a pain.

Weak 860 nm and 430 nm pulsed operation demonstrated.

~50 µW average power of 430 nm

Through-the-substrate designs look promising.

Current spreading and heat removal easier.

Requires transparent substrate (see below).

Future Work

Through-the-substrate VECSELs @ 980 nm and 490 nm

Nitride VECSELs?

Electrically Injected (IR) - VECSEL Emission (~860nm)

General Design Observations

N on P polarity

Approx. 8 DBR pairs

Oxide Apertures extend beyond metal contacts.

Offset gain and cavity based on drive current and heat sinking.

E-VECSEL chart 1 VECSEL image




Electroluminescence Images of 50 micron devices
VECSEL image 2 VECSEL image 3
Typical P on N design (intensity not calibrated)

VECSEL image 4 VECSEL image 4

A Better Approach To E-VECSEL: Pump Through the Substrate
VECSEL image 5

  • Substrate allows room for spreading current.
  • Substrate absorption is an issue.
  • Novalux (Sunnyvale, CA) recently introduced product.









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