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VECSEL: Optically Pumped Configurations
Compact, Optically Pumped Blue (490nm) Source 430nm Optically Pumped VECSEL
schematic of 490nm source schematic of 490nm source image 2
  • Diode-pumped, frequency-doubled VECSEL
  • KNbO3 a-cut crystal
  • Output: ~5 mW cw, < 1% rms noise
  • Fundamental wavelength, 860nm >6mW output @ 430nm
  • Wavelength: 490 nm
  • Could use commercial red diode lasers as pump
  • Input Power: < 2.5 Watts
  • Beam Profile: Circular TEM00 10 mR e-2 FW

    Broadband photoluminescence (and gain) shifts with optical excitation.
    optically pumped VECSEL VECSEL schematic image 1
    Spectra are determined by:

    Fluorescence from the optically-pumped gain medium is strongly modulated by the 'microcavity'.
    VECSEL fluorescence image 1 VECSEL schematic image 2 VECSEL schematic image 3

    The IR VECSEL produces high output power with high efficiency and good beam quality.
    IR VECSEL chart 1

  • ~110 µm 1/e2 pump diameter
  • Pump-to-IR efficiency greater than 40%
  • Linearly polarized output
  • Good Beam Quality:

  • VECSEL beam profile




    Broadband spectra of IR VECSEL is structured and time varying.
    broadband spectra

  • Wavelength Shifts Toward Red with Increasing Temperature
  • Total Power is Stable
  • Changing Spectral Structure is Consistent with Homogeneously Broadened Gain

  • gain chart









    Compact Single Longitudinal Mode VECSEL
    longitude mode

  • 150 micron 'Brewster etalon' forces SLM operation
  • 150 mW output power
  • Developed for CRADA with Aculight Corp (Bothell, Wa.)








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