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SNLO-Software is no longer being maintained by Sandia. If you're interested in maintaining a copy please locate it using your favorite search engine.

 snlo image Version 40 (April 22, 2005)(4.5 MB)
SNLO is a Windows-based program with several functions to assist you in selecting a nonlinear crystal and in modeling nonlinear frequency conversion processes in those crystals.

pwopobb image Version 1.0 (February 15, 2000)(1.9MB)
PWOPOBB is a standalone C++ version of SNLO function PW-OPO-BB. It models broadband, ns OPO's in the plane-wave approximation. (C++ source code PWOPO_SF is 0.1MB)

pwopobb image Version 1.0 (August 7, 2000)(2.6 MB)
MIX2DSP is a standalone C++ version of SNLO function 2D-MIX-SP. It models diffractive, shortpulse mixing. (C++ source code MIX2D_SF is 0.3 MB)








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