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Compact Blue Sources

Compact blue sources based on frequency doubled lasers. Our approach of intra-cavity frequency doubling in a Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Laser is very compact with high efficiency light generation due to high intra-cavity powers and high quality beam profile for coupling to fiber optics and other systems.

blue VECSEL schematic image

A recent development is the first 430nm optically pumped VECSEL seen in the photo below.

pumped VECSEL image

Our work in this area has resulted in development of 10-100 mW UV LEDs emitting in the 350-390 nm region (patent application submitted) and the development of 490 nm and 430 nm optically pumped VECSELs, including a demonstration of lasing in electrically injected 860 nm VECSELs (patent application submitted).

More information on VECSELs

We are expanding these new technologies into new projects and commercial partnerships.

Point of Contact: Greg Hebner


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