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Greg Hebner
William Seng

Idabelle Courtney
Admin. Asst.


SNLO Software

Solid State Lasers and Non-Linear Optics

VECSEL: The Other Surface Emitting Semiconductor Laser

Compact Blue Sources

A broadly tunable UV source (photo and caption)

Optical Parametric Oscillators (OPOs)

Optical Flux Monitor (OFM)

Plasma Sciences & Discharge Physics

Plasma Crystals

Plasma and Supersonic Flight

About Plasma Science and Technology

Reference Cell Photo and Information



Lasers, Optics, and Remote Sensing

The Lasers, Optics and Remote Sensing Department is actively engaged in a number of broad program areas designed to advance Sandia's scientific knowledge base. Specifically, we emphasize innovative research and development in remote sensing and detection of WMD proliferation activities, laser source development, spectroscopy, non-linear optics, coherent beam control, optical materials, complex and collective systems studies, and low-temperature plasma physics.

Current Research programs that derive from these research themes explore:

In each of these areas, we work closely with numerous other Sandia organizations as well as with industrial and university partners.













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