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Selected Publications

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“Fundamental chemistry and modeling of group-III nitride MOVPE”, J.R. Creighton, G.T. Wang, and M.E Coltrin, J. Crystal Growth, 298 (2007) 2.


“Understanding GaN Nucleation Layer Evolution on Sapphire and its Impact on GaN Dislocation Density,” Koleske, D. D., M. E. Coltrin, S. R. Lee, G. Thaler, K. C. Cross, M. J. Russell, Proceedings of the Photonics Asia (SPIE and Chinese Optical Society) Symposium on Solid State Lighting, 11/11-15/07, Beijing, China.


"The Influence of Substrate Doping and Point Defects on Al and Ga Interdiffusion in AlSb/GaSb Superlattice Structures", J.  Slotte,  M. Gonzalez-Debs, T. F. Kuech, J. G. Cederberg, Journal of Applied Physics, 102, 023511 (2007).


"Self-assembled quantum dot formation during the growth of In0.4Ga0.6As on GaAs(001) by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy – the role of In segregation", J.G. Cederberg, Journal of Crystal Growth, 307, 44, (2007).


“Lighting:  The Vacuum Tube’s Final Swan Song,” Simmons, J. A., M. E. Coltrin, J. Y. Tsao, Optics & Photonics News, 18 (6), 14-15 (2007).


“Research Challenges to Ultra-Efficient Inorganic Solid-State Lighting,” J. M. Phillips, M. E. Coltrin, M. H. Crawford, A. J. Fischer, M. R. Krames, R. Mueller-Mach, Y. Ohno, L. E. S. Rohwer, J. A. Simmons, and J. Y. Tsao, Lasers and Photonics Reviews 1, 307 (2007).


“Chemical Kinetics and Mass Transport Effects in Solution-Based Selective-Area Growth of ZnO Nanorods,” M. E. Coltrin, J. W. P. Hsu, D. A. Scrymgeour, J. R. Creighton, N. C. Simmons, and C. M. Matzke, J. Crystal Growth 310, 584 (2007).


“Dislocation Reduction in AlGaN Grown on Patterned GaN,” Follstaedt, D. M., A. A. Allerman, J. R. Michael, K. H. A. Bogart, S. R. Lee, M. H. Crawford, N. A. Missert, Journal of Crystal Growth, submitted 8/07.


"Surfactant effect associated with Te-doped InPAs alloys", J.G. Cederberg, S.R. Lee, Applied Physics Letters, 91, 201915, (2007).


“The Role of Collisions in the Aligned Growth of Vertical Nanowires,” Li, Q., J. R. Creighton, Wang, G. T., Nano Letters, submitted 7/07.


“Emissivity-Correcting Mid-Infrared Pyrometry for Group-III Nitride MOCVD Temperature Measurement and Control,” Creighton, J.R., W. G. Breiland, D. D. Koleske, G. Thaler, and M. H. Crawford, J. Crystal Growth, submitted 7/07.


“Kinetics of metal organic-ammonia adduct decomposition: Implications for group-III nitride MOCVD”, J.R. Creighton, and G.T. Wang, J. Phys. Chem. A, 109 (2005) 10554.


“Using Optical Reflectance to Measure GaN Nucleation Layer Decomposition Kinetics,” Koleske, D.D., M.E. Coltrin, M. J. Russell, Journal of Crystal Growth Volume: 279 (2005) 37.


“Growth and design of deep-UV (240–290 nm) light emitting diodes using AlGaN alloys,” A.A. Allerman, M.H. Crawford, A.J. Fischer, K.H.A. Bogart, S.R. Lee, D.M. Follstaedt, P.P. Provencio and D.D. Koleske, J. Crystal Growth, 272, (2004) 227.


“Nature of the parasitic chemistry during AlGaInN OMVPE”, J.R. Creighton, G.T. Wang, W.G. Breiland, and M.E. Coltrin, J. Crystal Growth, 261 (2004) 204.


“Gas-phase nanoparticle formation during AlGaN metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy”, J.R. Creighton, W.G. Breiland, M.E. Coltrin, and R.P. Pawlowski, Appl. Phys. Lett. 81 (2002) 2626.


“Reflectance-difference spectroscopy of adsorbate-covered GaAs(100) surfaces: a combined surface science and in-situ OMVPE study”, J.R. Creighton and K.C. Baucom, Surf. Sci. 409 (1998) 372.


"Photoluminescence studies on Al and Ga interdiffusion across (Al,Ga)Sb/GaSb quantum well interfaces," M. Gonzalez-Debs, J. G. Cederberg, R. M. Biefeld, and T. F. Kuech, Journal of Applied Physics, 97, 103522, (2005).


"The effect of antimony in the growth of indium arsenide quantum dots in gallium arsenide (001)," Y. Sun, S. F. Cheng, G. Chen, R. F. Hicks, J. G. Cederberg, and R. M. Biefeld, Journal of Applied Physics, 97, 053503, (2005).

"The impact of growth parameters on the formation of InAs quantum dots on GaAs(100) by MOCVD," J.G. Cederberg, F.H. Kaatz, R.M. Biefeld, J. Crystal Growth, 261, 197, (2004).


“Mass Transport and Kinetic Limitations in MOCVD Selective Area Growth,” M. E. Coltrin and C. C. Mitchell, J. Crystal Growth, 254, 35 (2003).


“Scaling Relationships for Analyzing Kinetics in GaN Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth,” M. E. Coltrin and C. C. Mitchell, J. Crystal Growth, 261, 30 (2004).


“Systematic Prediction of Kinetically Limited Crystal Growth Morphologies,” D. Du, D. J. Srolovitz, M. E. Coltrin, and C. C. Mitchell, Phys. Rev. Lett., 95, 155503/1-4 (2005).



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