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Facilities and Related Laboratories

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Advanced Materials Sciences is a multidisciplinary and cross-organizational program. The program is closely coupled to other major research programs at Sandia in Materials Science, Semiconductor Material & Device Sciences, Lasers and Optics, and Microelectronics and Photonics. Sandia's R&D activities span the range from basic physics and chemistry research to the fabrication and prototyping of compound semiconductor devices, components, and systems.


MESA Complex and IMRL








Major facilities affiliated with this program include MESA (Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Applications) Lab with 130, 000 sq. ft. of office and light lab space,  MESA MicroFab with a 19, 400-sq. foot clean room focused on the development, growth, and fabrication of advanced compound semiconductor devices for both microelectronic and photonic applications, and MESA Microelectronics Development Laboratory, with over 30,000 sq. feet of clean room space dedicated to the development of advanced Si-based microelectronic capabilities. As part of 1100 we also collaborate with researchers in the Integrated Materials Research Laboratory. Close association between our scientists and the materials growth, processing and device fabrication specialists in these facilities has influenced the direction of their research towards solutions of real-world problems in manufacturing technology.


MESA Clean Room Schematic










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