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About Us

Strengths and Capabilities

The Physical, Chemical, and Nano Sciences Center contributes to Sandia's Corporate Goal to "deepen our scientific understanding and enhance our science and technology programs that play an essential role in developing solutions to threats against energy, environmental quality, and other critical infrastructures" through its interdisciplinary research which is categorized by the Center's strengths. The Center has three main areas of strength:

These areas span the fields of semiconductor physics, electronic materials, nanostructures, surface physics and chemistry, plasma and chemical processing, lasers and optics, pattern recognition, remote sensing, ion-solid interactions and effects physics, advanced materials sciences, and nanoscience. The tools we will use to address these areas also span a wide range of disciplines ranging from first principles modeling and atomic scale measurement to remote laser sensing and new approaches to pattern recognition. Many of these tools are unique, either individually or in combination, and hence are of benefit to industrial and university partners with needs in research, development and/or production in related areas of technology.

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