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About Us

Compound Semiconductor Research Laboratory (CSRL)

The Compound Semiconductor Research Laboratory (CSRL), which includes a 6500-square foot, Class 100 clean room fabrication facility, provides capabilities for application-driven research and development of microsystems technologies. The Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Applications West Operations organization is responsible for maintaining laboratory flexibility (for research and development activities) while improving the quality and implementation of processes to meet increasingly formalized deliverable requirements of our customers (prototyping and deliverables activities). The goal of the organization is to improve the efficiency of operations, increase the professionalism of implementation, and ensure the delivery of quality product to our customers. This is being accomplished through the adoption and monitoring of process performance metrics, the introduction of preventative maintenance routines, and the development of an expert process engineering and equipment maintenance staff. In this facility we emphasize innovative science in compound semiconductor materials and device development. In partnership with our DOE, government, and industrial partners, we provide innovative technical solutions to important national security missions and industrial needs. Our technological strength is rooted in decades of fundamental research into the underlying science supporting state-of-the-art compound semiconductor systems. We have the technical depth to work across the spectrum from the deep UV to the far IR and THz.