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Center 1100 Administrative Resources

Kirtland Air Force Base

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Business Meeting Meals Rules

Meeting meals reminder: Unless your business meal meets the criteria defined in FIN100.1.TNT.6, any costs associated with the meal are considered unallowable. What this means is that:

  • Nonexempt employee (e.g., OAAs/OMAs/SMAs) time to pick up meals and deliver to the meetings is unallowable. If employees do this, they are on personal time.
  • The use of company vehicles to pick up meals for these meetings is also unallowable. This means that if a meal is ordered, a personal vehicle must be used to pick up the meal. Any liability incurred due to a possible accident is personal liability to the employee.
  • If meals are ordered for meetings, a caterer can be contacted, but the caterer must be able to deliver to the building. If the caterer delivers to a tech area gate, a company vehicle and nonexempt employee time cannot be used to deliver the meal from the gate to the building.
  • All costs associated with retrieving unallowable meals, including those meals paid for by participants, are considered unallowable costs for the purposes of this policy. Questions? Call Darlene Rutan (10507) at 844-3692 or Cheryn Lingerfelt (10507) at 844-2674


iPods and IPhones are not allowed in any Sandia-controlled building.
Center 1100 POC for Security is Bob Burkhart


Center 1100 Pre-Approval Memo for International Travel (only required for sensitive countries)

EICO website

Review and Approval

POC is Laura Gallegos 845-8220

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June 2011

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898 Viz Corridor

898/1020 Room Scheduler is Marcie Salvador 284-6006

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