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Materials Physics Department

A. Alec Talin




Sandia National Laboratories

MS 9161

Livermore, CA 94551



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Additional Affiliations
Adjunct Associate
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Maryland
College Park, MD

Adjunct Fellow
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

Principal Founding Editor
MRS Communications

Our research focuses on novel materials and devices for applications in electronics, energy, and sensor technologies.

Current projects include:

1. electrically conducting metal organic frameworks

2. solid state Li ion batteries

3. nanoionic memory/logic devices

4. III-nitride semiconductors for high voltage/high power applications

Selected Publications

M. S. Leite, D. Ruzmetov, Z. Li, L. A. Bendersky, N. C. Bartelt, A. Alec Talin, "New insights from in-situ electron microscopy into capacity loss mechanisms in Li-ion batteries with Al anodes", Journal of Materials Chemistry DOI: 10.1039/c4ta03716b (2014).

(Review) V. Stavila, A. A. Talin, and M. D. Allendorf, "MOF-based electronic and optoelectronic devices", Chem. Soc. Reviews 43, 5994 (2014).

A. A. Talin, A. Centrone, M. E. Foster, V. Stavila, P. Haney, R. A. Kinney, V. Szalai, F. El Gabaly, H. P. Yoon, F. Leonard, M. D. Allendorf, "Tunable Electrical Conductivity in Metal-Organic Framework Thin Film Devices", Science 343, 66 (2014).

D. V. Esposito, I. Levin, T. P. Moffat, and A. A. Talin, "Hydrogen Evolution at Si based Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Photoelectrodes Enhanced by Inversion Channel Charge Collection and Hydrogen Spillover", Nature Materials 12, 562 (2013)

D. Ruzmetov, V. P. Oleshko, P. M. Haney, H. J. Lezec, K. Karki, K. H. Baloch, A. K. Agrawal, A. V. Davydov, S. Krylyuk, Y. Liu, J. Y. Huang, M. Tanase, J. Cumings, A. A. Talin, "Electrolyte stability determines scaling limits for solid-state 3D Li-ion batteries", Nano Letters 12, 505, (2012).

F. Leonard and A. A. Talin, "Electrical contacts to one- and two- dimensional nanomaterials", Nature Nanotech. 6, 773, (2011)

T. Westover, R. Jones, J. Y Huang, G. Wang, E. Lai, and A. A. Talin, "Photoluminescence, Thermal Transport, and Breakdown in Joule-Heated GaN Nanowires", Nano Lett. 9, 257 (2009).

A. A. Talin, F Leonard, B. S. Swartzentruber, X.Wang, S. D. Hersee, "Unusually strong space-charge-limited currents in thin wires", Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 076802 (2008).

A. A. Talin, L. L. Hunter, B. Rokad, and F. Leonard, "Large area, dense silicon nanowire array chemical sensors", Appl. Phys. Lett. 89, 153102 (2006)

A. A. Talin, E. A. Marquis, S. H. Goods, J. J. Kelly, M. K. Miller, "Thermal Stability of Ni-Mn Electrodeposits", Acta Materialia, 54, 1935 (2006).

A. A. Talin, K. A. Dean, J. E. Jaskie, "Field emission displays: A critical review" Solid-State Electronics 45, 963 (2001)

A. A. Talin, D. A. A. Ohlberg, R. S. Williams, P. Sullivan, I. Koutselas, B. Williams, K. L Kavanagh, "Time dependent ballistic electron emission microscopy studies of a Au/(100) GaAs interface with a native oxide diffusion barrier" Appl. Phys. Lett. 62, 2965 (1993)