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Trusted Design

Trusted Design

Sandia has had a long history of developing custom integrated circuits (ICs) for high consequence mission-critical applications in which "trust" was of vital importance.  In today's technical and economic environment, it is even more important that critical national security systems and components be developed in an environment that focuses on their trustworthiness ensuring that the integrated circuit performs only its intended functions - no more, no less.

Trusted sources shall provide custody and control that must be maintained throughout all phases of the IC Design Cycle.

In addition to meeting these trusted source requirements, Sandia's philosophy is to take a systems design approach to trusted design. That is, not only focus on the IC, but also the system and deployment environment to ensure that all vulnerabilities are addressed so that the IC will only perform its intended functions.

Sandia has received Category 1A Trusted Accreditation through the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense MicroElectronics Activity (DMEA) to provide "Trusted Design" services for both unclassified and classified ICs.  Sandia's facility has developed and delivered digital and mixed-signal microelectronic products for national security programs for DOE nuclear weapons, nuclear nonproliferation, and other government agencies for over two decades. Sandia is now accredited as a Department of Defense Trusted Design Center and provides Trusted ASIC Design Services for both radiation-hardened and non-radiation-hardened foundries (350nm, 180nm, 130nm, 90nm), including in-house, IBM, National Semiconductor and other Trusted Foundries.

Accreditation of Trust Certificate

For additional information or questions, please email us at Trusted Product Realization.

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