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Trusted Custom Electronic Components

Trusted Custom Electronic Components

While a certification for trusted components does not presently exist, Sandia's components group offers the key elements of a trusted design, development and manufacturing source as listed below.

  • Provides custody and control that must be maintained throughout ALL phases of the Design Cycle
  • Assure "Chain of Custody" (People, Facilities, Data, Artifacts) AT ALL TIMES for both classified and unclassified components . protection against counterfeit parts,
  • Ensure that there will not be any reasonable threats related to disruption of supply
  • Prevent intentional or unintentional modifications or tampering of components
  • Protect components from unauthorized attempts at reverse engineering, exposure of functionality or evaluation of their possible vulnerabilities

We offer custom low-volume, high reliability solutions to special applications.

Cables and Junction Boxes

We offer trusted custom cables and junction boxes; working with you to define your needs for electrical interconnections and translating them into custom cables and junction boxes to meet your trusted system requirements.

Cable 1Cable 2Cable 3


We can tailor a new connector design or create a new member of an existing family for your trusted specific requirements.

Connectors 1Lightening stormConnectors 2

Custom Capacitors

Trusted custom capacitors include high voltage and current, with fast discharge times and small size and weight. As well as conventional capacitors used in routine circuits.

Custom Capacitors 1Custom Capacitors 2Custom Capacitors 3

Custom Magnetics

Custom trusted magnetics includes specially designed inductors, transformers, and solenoids.

Magnetics 1Magnetics 2Magnetics 3

Lightening Arrestor Connector (LAC's)

We have the expertise to design and produce Trusted LAC's as needed by our customers.

 	Lightening Arrestor Connector (LAC’s)

Custom Sensors and Electronics

Custom trusted sensors and electronics includes force sensors, accelerometers, vibrometers, mixed-signal electronics, and sensor systems.

Custom Sensors 1Custom Sensors 2

For additional information or questions, please email us at Custom Components.

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