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Structured ASIC





Metal-via configurable, fabric-like structure

Sandia National Laboratories' structured Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) provides a radiation-hardened, via-configurable implementation platform with ASIC-like performance. Structured ASICs enable rapid turn-around, lower Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) and development costs. Pre-qualified base arrays reduce development risk, while open architecture minimizes Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) issues. Enables safe, secure, user-defined trusted hardware, and the regular, fabric-like structure enhances verifiability of trusted parts.

Special Features

Applications include:

Sandia National Laboratories has historically focused on high-reliability custom solutions for high-consequence applications.  Today Sandia is a DoD Category 1A Accredited Supplier of both "trusted design and foundry services” with an efficient and disciplined ISO 9001 certified process optimized for high-mix low-volume custom radiation-hardened, digital, analog and mixed-signal ASICs.  With in-house capabilities in packaging, test, failure analysis and reliability, Sandia offers a total supply-chain solution for high-reliability custom microelectronics for expanding national security applications.

Eiger Digital Rad-Hard ViArray

Eiger Digital Rad-Hard ViArray
Die Size 12 mm X 12mm
Digital Functions




Whistler Mixed-Signal Rad-Hard ViArray

Eiger Digital Rad-Hard ViArray
Die Size 12 mm X 12mm
Analog Functions
Digital Functions


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