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RF System Miniaturization

RF/Wireless Microsystems

RF Components for RF System Miniaturization

  • SAW ladders -- single crystal chips with 16 or more SAW filters spanning a band at 30 MHz intervals.
  • RF power dividers – SiGe IC that accepts broad band RF input and supplies N identical outputs (N=4 or 8).
  • SiGe, GaAs, GaN RFICs.
  • Passive RF detectors – Pyroelectric microdetectors that produce a DC output proportional to the RF power in a burst. Large dynamic range. No need to expend power while waiting for signal.
  • Power efficient LNA and RF power amps—Low noise Amps operating over large bands (8 – 16 GHz) using only 2 mW. RF power amps at 80% efficiency.
  • Small volume RF filters – use of photo defined polymer and copper thin films to produce filter within substrates at 5% the discrete filter volume.
  • Low power MEMs switches and resonators.


Multi-Chip Module Design for RFICs

Multi-Chip Module Design for RFICs

For additional information or questions, please email us at Integrated RF Systems.

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