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Interconnection Components

Cables and Junction Boxes

Interconnection Components (Cables and Junction Boxes)

We will work with you to define your needs for electrical interconnections and to translate them into custom cables and junction boxes to meet your system requirements.

Cable Design:

  • wire cables with special, molded shapes, with multiple, shielded conductors, and with multiple branches
  • designing coaxial RF cables, both semi-rigid and flexible, with both commercial and custom connectors
  • flat flex cables

We can build initial models of your cables (except Flat Flex cables)

We are experienced in designing junction boxes and will work with your designers in Sandia Drafting, and be your interface with Component Engineering at HFM&T. HFM&T has cables and junction boxes built in their shops and by qualified outside suppliers. We will maintain the responsibility for these products throughout their life in the stockpile.

For additional information or questions, please email us at Custom Components.

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