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We will help you optimize your choice of connectors for your requirements.

We are responsible for the design of SA and MC connectors including Coaxial, High Voltage types with 1 to 4 internal contacts, Circular Connectors in the JT, LJT and PT series, rectangular "Rack and Panel" Connectors, Lightening Arrestor Connectors, Filtered Connectors, and coaxial RF Connectors.

We work with commercial connectors such as the MDM micro-miniature, rack and panel types and nano-miniature types.

We can tailor a new connector design or create a new member of an existing family for your specific requirements.

We work closely with Product Engineering at HFM&T to develop connector suppliers, and to acquire and qualify connectors.

We can advise you on questions of wear and corrosion on connectors in the field, and on the use of lubricant on connectors to reduce wear and corrosion and extend life.

We will maintain the responsibility for these products throughout their life in the stockpile.

FFor additional information or questions, please email us at Custom Components.

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