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RF/Wireless Microsystems

RF Communications

Passive unique signal wake-up circuit -- A microcircuit that waits using no (or very little) energy until a long unique signal is received. Energy gathered from this long signal (process gain) is concentrated to “throw” a switch connecting a stand-by battery to a main circuit. Microcircuit


Surface acoustic wave (SAW) correlators for low power, wireless communications.

Programmable SAW Development, SANDIA REPORT, SAND2004-5255, Unlimited Release, Printed October 2004.

basic passive receiver


Real time spectrum analyzer – low power, small, hand carried spectrum analyzer that can monitor many channels in real-time. Quick reacting so it is possible to monitor non-conventional frequency hopping transmissions.

spectrum analyzer

Optoelectronic Communications

2.5 Gbps 12 Channel Optical Transmitter

2.5 Gbps 12 Channel Optical Transmitter

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